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Information about the lakes in Okanogan County, Washington State

Blue Lake

Blue Lake Property for sale Blue Lake, the closest lake to Osoyoos Lake, it's large enough to ski and take advantage of all of the water sports, yet small enough and rural enough to keep boat traffic away. The depth is estimated to be between 300 and 400 feet deep at its deepest point by the locals. Blue Lake is about 1 mile long and 3/4 miles wide, a total of approximately 120 acres. The Lake is stocked with rainbow, eastern brook, and lahotan cutthroat trout. Fishing season starts on the last day of April and goes through to October 31. Selective Gear rules apply. If you are not fishing, there are no boating restrictions. There is Public fishing on the South end of the Lake shore. On the east side of the lake there is a private development called "Pine Ridge at Blue Lake." You can get more pictures, and information about this development and a Map of Blue Lake at There is a 50' building set back on the high water mark on Blue Lake. The Lake is Located 4.5 miles west of Oroville, Washington. There are only 11 owners on the whole lake. "Pine Ridge at Blue Lake" is a unique private, gated lakefront development with no shared waterfront. Click here to see pictures of Blue Lake.

Curlew Lake

Curlew Lake Washington Lakefront Curlew Lake is full access. All water sports are allowed. The lake itself is approximately Four and a half miles long and 921 acres in size. It is located only about 8 miles north of Republic, WA. The Lake is about 100 feet deep at its deepest point. Fishing is excellent on Curlew Lake for Rainbow Trout and Large Mouth Bass. There is a beautiful State Park located on Curlew Lake that is 123 acres in size; this park has 4540 feet of lakefront and 18 full-hookup sites, and 57 standard sites. It has public restrooms and a 2 lane boat launch. The park also has one mile of hiking trails, and there is significant archeological sites! The Curlew Lake area is well known for its winter sports as well. Curlew Lake is located in Ferry County, to the East of Okanogan County. There are several private RV parks on Curlew Lake. To name a few we have Black Beach Resort, Tiffanys Resort, and Fisherman's Cove.

Spectacle Lake

Spectacle Lake Washington LakefrontSpectacle Lake is located between Oroville and Tonasket on the Loomis-Oroville Road. This Lake allows for Jet Skis and Ski Boats to be operated between 9:00am and 6:00pm 7 days a week. There are several varieties of fish. Fishing season begins April 1 and goes through to Sept. 30. The lake used to open March 1 and close July 31. Located northwest of Tonasket, the Lake is to receive 35,000 catch-able-size rainbows by the first week of April. Spectacle Lake is 314 acres in size. Three resorts and a public access with toilets and launch are available on this popular lake. The Lake is 9 miles northwest of Tonasket. It is a trout lake primarily that gets stocked well. The lake itself is shaped long and narrow and is about 2 miles long. The depth is estimated to be 65 feet at the deepest point. There is very little private Land on Spectacle Lake due to a large amount of public lands on the South side of the lake and a county road that runs along the north side of the lake.

Lake Osoyoos 

Osoyoos Lake Washington Lakefront

Osoyoos Lake is an International Lake and has no restrictions regarding Ski Boats or Jet Skis, unless you cross the border. Contact Canada Imigration or the US customs for the proper paper work and directions for crossing the border in a boat! There are several new Developments springing up all over the Lake. Osoyoos Lake is 5,723 acres, 2,036 of which are in the U.S. The deepest point of the lake sits at 65' deep making it one of the shallower lakes in the region. The maximum level of the lake is 912.78' in elevation, but fluctuates in the fall/winter down to 909.46'. The normal low water elevation of Osoyoos Lake is maintained by the Zosel Dam at Oroville, Washington. Anglers can expect good catches of hatchery and naturally-reproducing rainbows and kokanee. Trout to 14 inches and larger can be caught, with kokanee running 10 to 14 inches. This lake also offers some good largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing during the spring and summer, and good yellow perch fishing in winter as well as cat fish. State park facilities are available. There is a boat Launch at the State Park as well as at Deep Bay Park operated by the City of Oroville. There is newly annexed property to the City of Oroville on this Lake. I have many listings located on Lake Osoyoos.

More About Osoyoos Lake

Wannacut Lake

Wannacut Lake

Wannacut Lake is located in a mountainous secluded high valley not far Oroville for shopping and commerce. The lake is 411 acres in size AND IS 145 FEET DEEP AT IT'S DEEPEST POINT. It is 2 miles long and a half mile wide. Wannacut Lake's elevation sits at 1857'. The lake is stocked with catch-able size trout. A resort is located on the east side of the lake; it is called The Sun Cove Resort and is open seasonally. There is public access with toilets and a boat launch on the south end of the lake. This lake has a speed limit of 8 mph. This lake has 50' set backs for building to the high water mark. Docks are allowed through the J.A.R.P.A. Permit process. The lake is located 5 miles west of Oroville. The season for fishing starts on the last Saturday of April 1 and goes through to October 31.

Chelan Lake

Lake Chelan is a narrow, 56-mile-long lake in Chelan County, northern Washington State, USA. It is fed by streams from the Cascade Range. With a maximum depth of 1,541 feet it is the third deepest lake in the country and the ninth deepest in the world. The surface of the lake is 1,098 feet (335 m) above sea level. The average width of the lake is 2 miles. The name Chelan is a Salish Indian word that can mean both lake and blue water. The city of Chelan sits at the southeast tip of the lake, where its water flows into the Chelan River through the hydroelectric Lake Chelan Dam. At the northwest end of the lake is the town of Stehekin. Access to the far end of the lake is limited to boat, float plane, or hiking. Lake Chelan State Park lies along the southern shore of the lake, and can be accessed from the city of Chelan by road. The northern portion of the lake is protected by Lake Chelan National Recreation Area. This Lake is no longer valued at a per foot price, it is now valued at a per inch price of $1000.00 per inch of lakefront!

Bonaparte Lake


Bonaparte Lake is located in the Okanogan National Forest. Mount Bonaparte, that soars up from Bonaparte Lake is 7258 feet in elevation. The lake itself sits at 3500 feet in elevation. This lake is open to fishing year around. Mackinaw, Rainbows, Bass, Brook and Silver trout are the predominate species of fish in Bonaparte Lake. There is a 10 mph speed limit on the lake that will allow for peaceful days of fishing. Bonaparte Lake Resort has cabins for rent, a grocery store, and a restaurant on site. There are no private properties other than lease lots through the National Forest. The Bonaparte Lake Resort has recently been acquired by new owners. If you get a chance, you definately want to go visit them!

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