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Whale watching in Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Whale Watch Charter




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ALOHA!! The warm waters of the Kona Coast offer an ideal environment for the birthing of the humpback whales; it is an amazing site to behold these massive creatures breach into the air in a type of mystical dance from ancient times, training for their young calves. They come into our calm, warm waters to give birth and teach their young how to survive. The businesses above offer these close encounters in a luxury setting. The humble feeling you will get when you look into the eye of a breaching Humpback is indescribable. This event is a must for the bucket list; you will never forget that feeling! These companies offer a wide range of times for viewing from early morning to sunset cruises. There is always the opportunity for additional watersports on your cruise if you are looking to snorkel and swim. The boats themselves are wonders of the world! These man made behemoths are staffed with the top of the line crews and they treat you like you are always someone special!

Whale watching is a seasonal event here on the Big Island. Through December until April we are graced with the presence of these giants. To get close and view them as they breach ideally you want to get out where they are at. Kona offers several companies that specialize in knowing the usual location of recent siting and how to perform non-evasive viewing. Check out the companies we have listed above.


Kailua Kona, Hawaii

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