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The beauty of the Kona Coast from an angle most people won't get a chance to see! We take off from the Keauhou Bay Marina near the Sheraton at 9:00 sharp. We head south to view several lava tubes and many cliffs with lots of snorkeling in between! This tour is 4 hours long so be sure to eat a harty breakfast! Cost is $89.00 per person. Price includes: Kayak, Mask, fins, snorkel, life jacket, soda/water, and snacks. Set up a tour with us and I think you will agree... this is the time of your life!
As I inched my way toward the cliff, my legs were shaking uncontrollably. I could feel the coldness of the rock beneath my feet when my toes curled around the edge in one last futile attempt at survival. My heart was racing like a trapped bird, desperate to escape. Gazing down the sheer drop, I nearly fainted; my entire life flashed before my eyes. I could hear stones breaking free and fiercely tumbling down the hillside, plummeting into the dark abyss of the forbidding black water. The trees began to rapidly close in around me in a suffocating clench, and the piercing screams from my friends did little to ease the pain. The cool breeze felt like needles upon my bare skin, leaving a trail of goose bumps. The threatening mountains surrounding me seemed to grow more sinister with each passing moment, I felt myself fighting for air. The hot summer sun began to blacken while misty clouds loomed overhead. Trembling with anxiety, I shut my eyes, murmuring one last pathetic prayer.
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