Veranda Beach
Terrific Business Opportunity in Kona, Hawaii!
Exotic Car Rental Business
50% Ownership, FOR SALE:
$1,677,300 Initial Investment required...
Net $560,000 annually!


Perfect business plan for an opportunity second to none in Kona, Hawaii on the Big Island of Hawaii. For the last 6 months we have engaged in an active online experiment to find the need for a specialty business in Kona, Hawaii. We have been extremely successful through internet marketing efforts in engaging a large high-end buyer base for luxury and exotic vehicle rentals. Our trial began with the creation of a website; We then investigated the possibility of a potential profit in this kind of business. We searched similar vacation focused areas to see inventory lists and the price ranges to be competitive in this market. We embedded a list of vehicles onto the website that we thought would be inticing to vacationers that were planning their vacation.

We were overwhelmed with requests for reservations. We realized that there was a large demand for this type of business. I am looking for a qualified partner, I am offering 1/2 ownership in this business for $1,677,300. Inventory at the point of sale will include 2 Ferrari Testarossa, 1 Lamborghini Gallardo, 1 Mercedes S500, 1 Porsche Boxter, A 540i BMW, 1 Cadillac Escalade, 1 Evoque Range Rover, 1 H2 Hummer, a warehouse/showroom for storage, sales and maintenance, the website and exclusive advertising with to monopolize the market, a total valuation of $1,148,000 in liquidable assets. Contact for more information.

Where else can a return be made that is this lucrative? In three years' time this business, at full capacity will have replaced the initial capital investment and will bring in $560,000 a year CLEAR. There is a lot of competing businesses out there and most people are unable to get their website over their competition. With this opportunity, there is no competition.

This website has met all of the criteria to already have taken over the Search phrases like, "Exotic Car Rental in Kona", "exotic car rental big island", "big island exotic car rental" on Google Search Engines. Check it out yourself! There is a complete business plan for lending purposes or to see the potential yourself already prepared. To see the Business Plan for this business you will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Call with any questions!


Transfer will require cooperation with your attorney, my attorney and a mutual attorney representing Kona Exotic. All offers must be subject-to approval of all Hawaii State and federal laws. Ownership will be held in a "Partnership Agreement" I agree to be responsible for the technical operations of the business. Capital funds for the business will start out with a $30,000 initial balance for advertising and book keeping purposes. Advertising will include TV commercials, Radio Advertising, Print advertising and Internet advertising expenditures. Open to Licensed Real Estate Agency representation and will pay a 3% commission. Monthy expenditures will be $28,000/mth. Revenue anticipated at $96,560/mth. We can start booking right away!




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