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Aerial Maps of Pine Ridge at Blue Lake

Blue Lake is about 120 acres in size. It's depth is unknown and estimated to be as deep as 400'. It is spring fed and the level fluctuates about ten to twelve feet on any given year. There is a lot of wildlife in the area including elk, deer, moose, bear, eagles, canadian geese, chuckers, grouse, ducks, and many types of other birds. It is located in North Central Washington State off of the 97 corridor. Blue Lake is 4.5 miles from the City of Oroville. There is about a 1/2 mile of county maintained gravel roadway to Riburn Road. At the beginning of the development there is a large locked gate. There are two homes built in the development of ten lots. Two owners own 2 consecutive lots, so there are 8 owners total. Each lot has 200' of lake frontage that is not shared unlike many other lakefront developments that have common area along the lake shore. Power and telephone have been installed underground throughout all of the development making it very accessible to each lot. All lots have been supplied an adequate amount of water for an approved building permit. There is a 50' setback to the ordinary high water mark and the shoreline has been delineated. The average sale price on the sold lots in Pine Ridge at Blue Lake is $284,000. Shoreline and usable land takes in factors on lot values.
There is one lot for sale in this development for only $230,000. The lot is the developers own lot and is clearly the superior lot in the development. For more information on this lot click here. Blue Lake is so beautiful you have to really see it to comprehend the serenity and peacefulness of the Lake and the surrounding area. For lots of pictures of Blue Lake, Click Here.



[ Lot #1 SOLD: $198,000 ]

[ Lot #2 SOLD: $327,000 ]

[ Lot #3 For Sale: $349,000. CLICK HERE! ]


[ Lot #5 SOLD: $307,000 ]

[ Lot #6 SOLD: $300,000 ]

[ Lot #7 SOLD: $265,000 ]

[ Lot #8 SOLD: $298,000 ]

[ Lot #9 ]

[ Lot #10 SOLD: $299,000 ]

Map From Vancouver, BC

Map From Seattle, WA

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